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Sales Training

Paul Vincenti specialises in sales training. The following are the principal subjects that he specialises in.

  • An overview of the Sales Process

  • Sales through Service

  • The Psychology of Buying

  • Consultative Sales

  • Understanding the Sales Process 

  • Qualifying your lead

  • Probing for the Needs and Wants

  • Overcoming sales objections

  • Benefit Selling 

  • Closing the sales

  • The power of feedback 

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Loyalty and referrals

Sales - Customer Care: Welcome

Customer Care

​The following are the range of skills we offer training under the customer care banner.

  • Dealing with demanding customers face to face

  • Dealing with Customers over the phone

  • Replying to letters of complaint

  • Dealing with talkative customers

  • Dealing with picky customers

  • Dealing with showy customers

  • Dealing with belligerent customers

  • Advanced listenings 

  • Handling complaints professionally - how to calm people down

  • Turning complaints into opportunities

  • Delighting the customers and investing in loyalty

  • Behaviour and how it affects the behaviour of customers

Sales - Customer Care: Welcome
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