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Learner Centric Training


Today's learners demand much more from their learning experience than ever before.

With the advent of social media and news ways of communicating that continue to evolve quickly, we work very hard to delight learners by meeting their learning expectations. 

We skillfully draw out the more timid and reluctant participants during the delivery of our courses, as we manage the more outspoken ones. This promotes a balanced participative learning experience, where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas comfortably.

We work hard to win over the respect and trust of all the course participants. By avoiding training in large groups, we can continue to provide that all-important care and attention that individuals need to learn and succeed. 

We incorporate Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic learning cues across all our sessions. This caters for the variety of learning modes across individuals in your organisation. To this end, we work hard to make the delivery as impactful as possible.

We use a variety of case studies and individual and group written exercises. We promote small group

  • learning, open debate and 

  • discussions, games, videos, handouts 

  • and roleplay events.

PV Training Consultants promote an immersed two-way flow of communication between the trainer and the learners.

The ratio is roughly about 60% to 40%, respectively. We expect and encourage the participants to challenge concepts. This establishes a more profound learning experience culminating in a training event that changes attitudes and behaviour and encourages longer-lasting learning.

We ensure that our courses appeal to the widest possible learning preferences.

We engage with our learners with memorable delivery skills.

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