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Budapest 28 June 2022

Leadership and agent traiing event

Budapest. What a refreshing, welcoming vibrant city. And now amazing are the people that are RE/MAX Hungary.
Paul spent a wonderful full-day training event covering the core skills of leading and motivating agents.
In the afternoon Paul took the agent on a refresher of the core skills they covered via his eLearning platform and introduced them to two new eLearning courses.; Total Buyer Psychology and Total Buyer Qualification. Paul is looking forward to returning again in the fall.

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9023 eLearning students enrolled

As of 27th June 2022, 9023 students across the globe have enrolled in Paul Vincenti's eLearning courses since their launch in 2016. Courses are available in 5 languages with the latest language being Hungarian which is available exclusively to RE/MAX in that region.

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Luxembourg 18th June 2022

Training Brokers and Agents
RE/MAX Luxembourg understand the importance of ongoing development. Paul Vincenti is a regular visitor to this region.
On the morning of June 2022, we held a full day event for the region's Broker-Owners and later that day for over 80 agents. 
The broker Owners focussed on recruitment strategies. Agents learned how to hold a professional listing presentation based upon the 4 P model by Paul Vincenti. The region held their awards night that same evening.

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Training Konya in Jordan

Konya Real Estate is Jordan's leading real estate organisation.  Between the 7th and 14th of June 2022, we carried out an intensive training programme for Konya's agents. Mr Abdullah Tamimi and Ahmed Qaddoura from Konya have built an impressive business model. Their agents are keen and quick to learn. Various meetings were held to discuss possible future collaboration. See the report on the training event covered by the Jordan Times here.


Three days with RE/MAX Ticcino in Lugano, Italy

Volker Nies is the Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Switzerland's most successful real estate team. Between 1st and 4th June 2022, Paul Vincenti visited this beautiful region of Switzerland. We held a three-hour intensive training event for their team covering aspects of winning attitudes and mental toughness.
The team in Ticcino are a determined, skilled and results-oriented group. They understand the power of relationships and have a strong desire to find win-win outcomes for their clients.

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Leadership Masterclass on the 6th May 20222.

Paul Vincenti lead a Leadership Master class during the annual Public Service Conference held at the MCCF at Ta' Qali. The session was held at the end of a week-long convention.

The session was designed for heads of departments across the civil service.

A week-long conference is an annual event aimed at improving the service quality offered by civil service. Quality in service was the main focus of this masterclass which is only brought about by motivated individuals, led by exceptional leaders. Delegates learned about the five activities of leadership and how to implement these across their sphere of influence.

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Zanzi Sliema - 22 June 2022

The team at Zanzi in Sliema covered a range of topics that will make them more effective in dealing with their customers. From qualification skills to the psychology of selling, this team is ready to take their business to the next level. It is always much harder to compete against teams like these guys. They have two elements that are essential for success apart from skills. They understand empathy and why this is essential in sales, and, they have a strong desire to succeed.

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Coaching Ticcino, Switzerland

Face to face in 2022

Between the 1 and 4th June 2022, Paul had the opportunity to meet three of his most promising coaching clients, Natasa Andrejin, Mr Enrico Degiacomi and  Manuel Morard. After many months of virtual coaching due to the pandemic, it was super meeting everyone in person. We enjoyed an amazing bottle of Merlot Rovio together to round off a wonderful reunion after two years of lockdown and Zoom coaching sessions.

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OTP Bank Tirana May 2022

Consulting with Purpose

Between the 8th and 18th Of May, Paul Vincenti ten days of intensive training in Sales and Negotiation skills training for corporate sales" for front-line personnel representing OTP bank in Albania. OTP are the country's third-largest bank. They are rapidly expanding across the country and are set to grow even further in the coming years. The training covered the following areas; Assertive communication and Body Language; The Sales Process; The negotiation process; Dealing with the four most demanding customers. A 3-hour session in Leadership Skills was also held for Branch Managers.

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London 3-5 March 2022

Career night at the Straford Hotel


Recruitment drives need to become more creative in an ever more competitive employment market. Between the 3-5th Match 2022, Paul spoke at a recruitment morning in London. The event was organised by a group of Broker-owners based in London (Photo left).

During the afternoon between 1.30 and 3.30 pm, we delivered an agent training course covering the importance of priotisisation and time Management as well as Lead Generation.

Between 4-5pm we held an interactive workshop on SMART Goal Setting

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Mizzi Group 2021-2022

Conclsuion of training across the group

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, my clients have managed to get the results they sought after from my consulting services. Take a look at what I’ve done in the past, and contact me today.

Leadership training

Between November 2021 and June 2022, we carried out a series of Leadership Training sessions for managers and team leaders across the group. The sessions form part of Paul Vincenti's Managing People In The Workplace (MPIW) leadership training.

Sessions covered twenty hours of instruction and included;

Assertiveness; Leadership skills; criticism and Praising for performance skills; Understanding workplace Motivation; Managing Teams; Effective Team Meetings 

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Zanzi San Gwan  Head Office - April 2022

Induction Training

Induction Training

We completed a seven-session induction programme for professional estate agents covering 21 hours of instruction, discussion and role-plays. in April 2022. Topics included Time Management; Buyer and Seller qualification skills; sales and negotiation skills; customer care.

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Albania and Kosovo RE/MAX 19 February 2022

Full day training event

Negotiations and closing the sale

RE/MAX Albania and Kosovo understand the importance of training and development. Ever since we first met with these forward-looking regional owners in Montenegro in 2018, they have invested much in training and development not only for their agents but their broker-owner tier.

Apart from them having exclusive rights to our eLearning courses for Albania and Kosovo, the region continues to invest in ongoing training and development as well as coaching with Paul Vincenti. On the 19th of February 2022, Paul held a full-day training event on the fundamental skills behind successful negotiations and effective techniques in closing transactions with a win-win outcome every time.

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26 April Alliance, Malta

45 minutes power session

Alliance , 26 April 2022

Paul delivered a motivational session at the second Alliance Real Estate Awards in 2022. The event was hosted by Kevin Naudi. Apart from Paul, four other superb speakers addressed the floor including, Mikela Fenech Pace, Robyn Pratt and Alliance trainers Frank and Gordon.
Certificates and trophies were awarded to the top performers of 2021, with entertainment from Dope Dance Company and the popular rock band Red Electrick, closing off the day with a live performance.

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