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Executive Leadership Programme

Our Executive Leadership Programme (ELP) consists of numerous powerful modules. Each represents an essential leadership skill in the totality of the manager's leadership toolkit. 

Each module complements the previous one. They may be tailored as stand-alone modules as well. Organising regular weekly training sessions allows the manager to apply their new skills, returning to training the following week ready to share examples of how they used these with the class.  

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ELP Topics

Professional Educational Consultant

  1. The Assertiveness Leader

  2. Leadership in Practice 

  3. Criticism for Performance

  4. Praising for Performance

  5. Understanding Motivation in the workplace

  6. Leading Teams 

  7. Productive Meetings

  8. Managing Change

  9. The Leader as Coach

  10. Critical Thinking for leaders

  11. Presentation Skills

  12. How to design and carry out successful appraisals

  13. Train the Trainer

  14. One to One training skills

  15. Dealing with Conflict

  16. Interviewing Skills

  17. Project Management made simple

Contact us for more information about the learning outcomes of our ELP modules.

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