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  • Change is unavoidable. Whether one talks about change in market conditions in processes or systems, 
    or due to new technology, dealing with change is a natural part of the Real Estate Manager's role. 

    If, however, change is not managed correctly it all too often becomes the proverbial thorn in their side that can 
    quickly affect everyone's motivation which in turn affects just about every aspect of office/brokerage performance. 

    In Session 10, the Real Estate Manager will learn how to manage any change process effectively. 
    This will result in smoother change processes, less mistakes and misunderstandings and by following a few activities, 
    the Manager will be able to position the organisation to be able to capitalise on threats, turning these into opportunities.

      1. Why does change happen?
      2. Understanding the change process
      3. Winning over your team
      4. Dealing with individuals during times of change
      5. Communication - The key to change management
      6. Preserving through change
      7. Promoting change as part of your normal business strategy