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  • In this Session, the Real Estate Manager will learn that it is not nearly enough to just coach, 
    praise and criticise their Sales Agents into performance. 

    Managers will learn that they will need to work hard at reminding their Agents of the core office/business values which are of course 
    absolutely essential for a successful enterprise. This Session will show the Manager how to identify and develop a clear mission statement 
    for their enterprise. 

    The mission statement will in turn then inspire a range of activities and processes, from budgeting and the creation of a business plan to 
    developing an internal promotional drive that reinforces the office vision. All these contribute to the attainment of clear, attainable realistic 
    objectives within a pre-determined timeframe from all team members. 

    Consequently, the Manager will come to fully appreciate the importance of making the vision clear to everyone, including the back office personnel. 
    They will appreciate that to maintain a focused business model, they need to regularly remind everyone of the vision through meetings, coaching, 
    social media and internal promotional campaigns.

      1. What is a mission statement? Why do you need one?
      2. How to create your very own mission statement
      3. How your mission statement inspires your business plan, your marketing strategy and just about every decision you take
      4. Promoting your winning culture to everyone - the do;s and dont;s
      5. Reinforcing your winning culture - Setting parameters and values to guide your team
      6. Re-examining your systems and procedures