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  • Few things sap a Sales Agent's motivation more than badly managed meetings. 

    Sales Agents often complain that meetings take up too much of their precious time. 
    As a result, they may not view meetings as a priority. In Session 7, the Real Estate Manager will learn how to 
    prepare and hold regular 45-minute power meetings which are highly engaging and focused . 

    The Manager will learn how to control the meeting so that every Agent contributes to the meeting in a meaningful manner.

      1. How to create an agenda 
      2. How to encourage your Agents to contribute to the agenda
      3. The process of organising the agenda items into a logical order
      4. Preparing the meeting room, seating, distractions and comfort
      5. Staring the meeting 
      6. Controlling the meeting and participants - assigning responsibilities
      7. Closing your meeting 
      8. Should you take minutes ? 
      9. Using the minutes to open the next meeting