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  • At the helm of every one of the world's top Real Estate Offices one will always find leaders who are able to 
    develop and maintain strong teamwork. 

    They are able to keep their team members united and focused on the overall vision of their office. 
    Leaders work relentlessly at attaining a state of Team Cohesion. Team Cohesion is often associated with team sports. 

    The Real Estate Manager will discover, however, that teams will always perform better when they act in unison with a shared 
    vision and mission and with regular clear communication. The Manager will come to understand how to build strong teams, 
    how teams develop and how to maintain a new level of performance. 

    Managers will also learn that it is their responsibility to encourage team work and that they need to discover the various
    hidden gifts and skills of individuals and utilise these appropriately as they build a strong winning team.

      1. Why teams are preferable to groups of individuals in a Real Estate environment 
      2. How to select the right Sales Agents to complement your team, its culture and the vision of the office 
      3. The four stages of team development 
      4. The threats to team development 
      5. How to actively encourage teamwork 
      6. How to promote team cohesion