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  • In this Session the Real Estate Manager will learn that Leadership is not a personality type but an action or activity they carry out. 

    Great Real Estate Managers are also inspirational Leaders. The Manager as a leader does more than simply giving instructions and directions. 
    Great Real Estate Managers inspire their Agents to willingly perform at their best. The Manager as a leader has a clear vision of where 
    s/he wants to take their team or office. What's more, they are effective at clearly communicating their vision to their personnel. 

    The Real Estate Manager will learn what actions they need to take to become inspirational leaders of top-performing offices. 
    They will learn why some leaders fail to inspire Agents and how to actively avoid similar outcomes.

      1. What is leadership?
      2. How leaders may build trust and inspire Sales Agents
      3. The 5 leadership activities :
        1. Leading the way by setting out the office culture and vision
        2. showing them how to do the job
        3. showing the Agents that you believe in them
        4. Dealing with poor performance issues
        5. Learning and adapting as a leader