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  • In Session 2, the Real Estate Manager learns how to praise the correct behaviour and attitudes so as to encourage more 
    of the same positive results from their Agents. In this Session, Real Estate Managers will learn how to criticise their Agents effectively. 

    The Manager will learn that when an Agent underperforms, they need to attend to this in a timely manner with the correct technique, 
    as if they do not, they would actually be encouraging more of this same unwanted behaviour. It also encourages copycat behaviour 
    from other Agents. 

    The Real Estate Manager will discover the skills needed to effectively criticise Agents with a view to improving their performance. 
    They will learn that criticism, if carried out correctly, actually motivates the Agent to perform better.

      1. Why do managers avoid criticism? Why do only some managers criticise? 
      2. The effects of constructive criticism on a Sales Agent's performance
      3. When to criticise 
      4. How to criticise effectively and assertively 
      5. How to establish regular follow-up meetings after a critique session