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  • The Real Estate Manager will learn how to praise the correct behaviour and attitudes so as to encourage more 
    of the same positive results from their Sales Agents. 

    In this Session the Real Estate Manager will learn that praising Agents correctly will further encourage positive behaviour. 
    The Manager will learn when to praise their Agents to ensure that they keep on performing at the highest levels over longer 
    periods of time. 

    Praise is one of the least expensive activities that a Manager can employ. Yet, this task is also one of the most effective 
    measures the Manager can take to improve performance and directly affect motivation and significantly decrease Agent attrition.

      1. Praise has a sell by date 
      2. Praise is a gift, make it special 
      3. How to praise the Sales Agent 
      4. How not to praise 
      5. A four step praising process for the Real Estate Manager 
      6. Rewarding the agent