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  • Motivation is often misunderstood. The Manager will discover that people are not just motivated by money. 
    They will learn about the principal motivational theories and how they can adapt this knowledge to develop 
    new and exciting motivation strategies for both the individual and their team. 

    After this Session, the Real Estate Manager will be able to motivate even the more experienced and seasoned Sales Agents 
    to perform at their very highest potential for extended periods of time. They will learn that motivating Agents is a daily action 
    which they need to incorporate into their routine responsibilities. 

    They will understand that rewards and recognition are fundamental components of a successful motivational plan.

      1. What is motivation?
      2. What can the Real Estate Manager learn from 
      3. the great motivational theorists?
      4. Motivation Rule 1: Listen to them
      5. Motivation Rule 2: Ask them
      6. Motivation Rule 3: Involve them
      7. Motivation Rule 4: Empower them
      8. Motivation Rule 5: Inform them
      9. Motivation Rule 6: Reward them